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Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz

Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz
Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz
Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz
Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz
Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz

Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz
Metal Detector Fortune S, FM Transmitter. "FORTUNE-S", works on the principle of VLF (Very Low Frequency), on.

Low frequencies, from 5 to 30 kHz. Fortune S FM transmitter - a professional metal detector, which was the last device from the Fortune line of metal detectors, operates on the principle of VLF (Very Low Frequency), at low frequencies, from 5 to 30 kHz. Added the ability to connect dual-frequency coils. The Fortune S / Fortune S metal detector with FM transmitter is the professional metal detector that was the last device from the Fortune range of metal detectors.

It contains all the best functions of Fortuna PRO and Fortune M3, Fortune pro2 devices, which made it even faster and more ergonomic. The main differences between the Fortune S metal detector and its predecessors. Thanks to the use of two processors and software optimization, the device has become much faster than its predecessors. Speed and separation increase the tenacity of finds. Fortune S does not need a sensor balancing module.

The residual imbalance of the sensor up to 4.3V does not affect the operation of the device. Additionally, the "Analog Search" mode has been introduced. Now you can connect dual-frequency coils.

A dual frequency coil comes with a metal detector. An FM modulator is used for use with FM headphones. Unlike MD Fortuna-Pro, an LCD display with white backlight is used, which is convenient when working in the sun. Fortune S is quite simple to operate, and at the same time a rather flexible device, it will be very convenient in terms of working on any soil, automatic ground offsets are fast and accurate, however, the display constantly displays the signal from the ground in the form of a marker, as well as the number soil phase is constantly displayed. Now it is clearly visible that the soil, for example, has changed and in which direction it should be moved manually, or rebalanced automatically, if necessary.

The speed of work is impressive, as is the separation. The speed of this device allows you to search in rather weedy places, distinguishing and discriminating against unwanted targets.

And the high sensitivity of the device will allow you to successfully search even on a knocked out area. The device is multi-frequency, with it you can use different coils with different frequencies, as well as dual-frequency coils. The ability to mask, exclude unwanted metal from the search. Discrimination visual indication: VDI (VDI) number, synograph, dynamic signal strength scale.

To select custom sensors, there are 6 profiles. Sound scheme, has the choice of setting frequencies according to tonality: 3 tones, 5 tones, 11 tones. Separate volume, for purposes of ferrous metal, non-ferrous and medium sectors. The middle sector is customizable, scoring can be configured from 00 to -45g. On VDI in the black sector.

The middle sector has its own tone. Sound scheme, supports stereo or mono mode. Sound output to built-in speaker, wired headphones or FM. FM modulator in the device, has frequency stabilization and can work in.

Frequency range from 70 to 108 MHz. Supports stereo or mono mode. The ability to switch from left to right or to revolution, outputting sound to headphones. Or FM headphones, in stereo.

Separate setting of the duration of the sound signal for black or color targets. Added "Beach" mode to search for fine gold.

FM transmitter, for connecting wireless headphones. Signal processing speed: very high.

There is no need for a sensor balancing module. Masks The ability to mask unwanted metal.

Tuning the device to the frequency of the existing sensor. Number of profiles for sensors: Four profiles for different search sensors and an additional 2 profiles for dual frequency. DD 25 sensor two-frequency (included 10.3 / 14.75 kHz).

Case dimensions: 140 × 99 × 32 mm. Adjusting the brightness of the display, and quick on / off. The main parameters of this assembly. 2200 Li-ion battery (real capacity) mAh 3.7V. Collapsible, adjustable rod, the lower part is impact-resistant plastic, the upper part is high-strength aluminum, coated with factory powder paint.

High-quality board, factory-made, double-sided, with a protective mask and plating holes. In a complete set, the unit is powered by 3.7 V (lithium battery 18650 by 2200 mAh). If the power will be made its own, then it is possible from 2 to 9 V.

Power connector for mic 325 2pin plug. The pinout of the sensor connector is as follows. 3 - + 5v frequency switching. Sensor frequency: 10.3 / 14.75 kHz (default).

Spacing between TX-RX: 2 kHz. Detection range of the S / Fortune S metal detector by air. DD 25 / current 150 mA / frequency spacing 2 kHz / sens 3 / Gain 200%. 5 cop of the: 42 cm. The average detection range by air = 32-57 cm per coin.

Large metal objects up to 150-200 cm. Option AGC (automatic gain control), designed for operational.

Reducing signal gain from a target that has overload. There is a manual gain for each profile. There are three modes of the home screen for searching, signal mode, vectograph mode.

Without accumulation and vectograph mode with accumulation. Which accumulates on the display. Accumulation can be adjusted in time.

FonScan mode, allows you to search for deep-lying objects (Similar to the PB-CT function). The "Shift VDI" mode allows you to pull out low-conductive targets, such as fine gold and metal.

Added "Beach" mode to search for small gold. Mode discrimination / all metals. Adjustment of the signal gain from 0% to 100% (input operational amplifier). An audio signal of an overload and display on the display.

The ability to set current in TX. Ability to use dual-frequency sensors. The ability to adjust the bar. Hot stone rejection filter to close the VDI scale, +80 to. + 90g, with a notch of one degree.

Automatic tracking of soil (tracking). Setting the sensor current for each profile. Analog mode, signal processing in this mode is faster, not expended. Time to display information on the display. Sound is single-tone, with the ability. Functional block of the device. Parcel will be well and securely packed. Contact me with any question. The item "Metal Detector Fortune S.

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  • Model: S
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Ukraine
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Ground Search
  • Features: Discrimination Knob
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Fortune
  • Intended Use: General Purpose

Metal Detector Fortune S. FM Transmitter, Frequency, from 5 to 30 kHz